Xiaomi Mi 11 to offer night mode video could pack astrophotography mode

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro rear lower half

  • The Xiaomi Mi 11 series offers a night mode for video recording.
  • This provides much brighter footage in low light.

Xiaomi is expected to be the first manufacturer to launch a Snapdragon 888 smartphone worldwide. The Mi 11 range will be launched in China next week.

The company has started testing some details about the new phones, such as: B. Wi-Fi 6 capabilities and improved LPDDR5 RAM support. But Xiaomi also just revealed a night mode video feature on Weibo, showing a sample video clip that you can check out below.

The video shows a scene in near total darkness, but activating the night video mode gives much brighter results. We’re not sure if Xiaomi used any studio tricks here, but if that’s the real deal, for low-light video, the night mode for low-light photos could do it.

It would also be different from most of the other low-light video modes we saw on phones today, such as: B. the Galaxy S20 series and the iPhone 12 series. Both Apple and Samsung offer enhanced low-light video, but this is mostly limited to time-lapse. We’ve also seen Huawei use ultra-wide pixel-flush sensors to deliver better video in low light.

Xiaomi may also have a poster (h / t: MyDrivers) Promotion of the implementation of “computer photography”. Take a look at the picture below.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Computer Photography Mydrivers

Of course, computer photography is a staple for pretty much all of the big brands these days, so that’s not exactly remarkable. What is notable, however, is the use of a starry sky, which may indicate an astrophotography mode for the Mi 11.

However, this would not be the first time we see an astrophotography mode on a Xiaomi phone. The Mi 10T Pro and some other devices offer a long exposure mode with a starry sky option for taking shots of the night sky. It is unclear whether the Mi 11 series will get the same or an optimized mode.

Either way, if you appreciate the low-light performance of the camera on your smartphone, keep an eye on the upcoming flagships. Xiaomi will introduce the Mi 11 series in China on December 28th.

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