WSJ report on Bajrang Dal untrue: FB to House Panel | India News

NEW DELHI: Facebook India Chef Ajit Mohan It is learned that a report in the Wall Street Journal about the social media giant, which refrains from a ban, has been denied as “factually false and untrue” Bajrang Dal for fear of reprisals.
Mohan’s testimony before the parliamentary standing committee on information technology on Wednesday was immediate BJP Attacking Rahul Gandhi, who picked up the WSJ report to claim Facebook was commanded by the right. The US business newspaper had claimed that the fact checkers on Facebook had classified Bajrang Dal as dangerous, but had decided not to remove the Hindutva outfit from the platform.
The Facbook team led by Mohan said the parliamentary body Led by Shashi Tharoor of Congress that the people cited in the WSJ report “had no knowledge or authority and were not in the hierarchical chain” to comment on the decision-making process. However, Mohan was unable to respond to questions about why Facebook hadn’t issued a rejoinder and asked WSJ to correct the facts about what was being released.
Sources said some MPs also asked Facebook to share the political affiliations of all 268 Facebook India employees. This is a requirement that the platform cannot meet because it does not have the necessary information. Mohan’s allegations about the report in the US newspaper led BJP MPs to demand that the social media platform flag a post by Rahul as “fake news” in which he made a report from television stations based on the claim published by WSJ.
Facebook couldn’t give a clear answer to that either. When asked about the specific mechanisms used to screen hate speech, the team informed the panel that Facebook does not have a complaint resolution mechanism in India. The team also said it had not favored any individual or political party and was also not exposed to political pressure. The panel led by Tharoor should represent Facebook representatives on the subject ‘Fuse Civil Rights and Preventing Abuse of Social / Online News Media Platforms, Including Particular Emphasis on the Safety of Women in the Digital Space ”. However, with the platform at the center of yet another controversy over its failure to ban Bajrang Dal, even though it was found to be allegedly disclosing communal sensitive information, Tharoor and several other MPs sought an explanation on Facebook.