Why is China afraid of the US declaration of setting up a nuclear plant on the moon?

America is thinking of creating history in the space world. The country that owns the most satellites has now planned to build its nuclear plant in the moon too. It is believed that this plan will be completed by the year 2027 and then America will be able to make new discoveries related to nuclear weapons on the moon besides the earth. Here China has described this plan of America as dangerous.

Apart from Russia, America is also facing challenges in space. In view of this, he made a new plan, under which the moon can be used to build a nuclear plant. Space scientists say that they are planning this not only on the moon, but also on Mars. According to him, this will also help in keeping a close watch on the changes happening in the space.

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Here, China is scared of this plan of America in the race to become super power. He warned that there is no purpose of any search behind him, but he wants his dominance in space too. According to China, the US is also preparing its military on the moon and Mars so that it can bring its rule to space later.

Trump has been very aggressive about space programs- Pixabay

There is an abundance of helium-3 in the actual moon. It is used to prepare nuclear power. This is why the US is preparing to build a power plant directly in space. At the same time, China is constantly saying that the US will open its mine on the moon and will also start making weapons on that other planet. In a conversation with Global Times, Chinese military expert Song Jongping expressed his fear. Since then, this is being talked about in the Chinese media.

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On the other hand, ignoring all the criticism, preparations started in America. President Donald Trump recently released Space Policy Directive-6 (SPD-6). In this policy directive, it has been said that what is to be taken care of while working on nuclear power in space. It is being called Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion (SNPP).

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This space plan of America has come to the fore, then China’s Cheng-5 completed the moon mission and has also returned from there with a sample. In this sample, it is found that there is an excess of Helium-3 on the Moon, which can be used to make nuclear power. China has been agitated since SPD-6 was signed for this. It says that if the US opens a nuclear plant in space, it will encourage other countries to do the same and there will be a kind of war situation in space.

This will create a kind of war situation in space- Pixabay

If seen, the reason for China’s anger may be the growing American power, but its fear is also right. In 1979, the United Nations General Assembly had decided that even though countries have reached the moon, the things found there are not the property of any one country and no country can use its claim or commercial use on it. So this step of America is like breaking international space rules.

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There is another aspect of this thing as well. Even though the US has been following the international rules for space, but it has not yet formally signed treaty. Earlier this year, President Donald Trump also proposed a new law, replacing the old agreement, called the Artemis Accord. This new rule suggested by Trump is completely opposite to the old treaty.

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Trump has been very aggressive about the space program. At the beginning of the year 2019 itself, the US formed the Space Force. The purpose of this force is to develop military space professionals, design military space systems. In addition, the Space Force Organization trains and works on equipment to protect the interests of the US and allied countries in space.