Why Chithra’s Husband Hemnath Was Arrested – Details of Previous Suicide Attempts Reveal – Tamil News

The late actress Chithra’s husband, Hemnath, was arrested at midnight Tuesday after police investigated him for five days over his contradicting statements. Further shocking details have emerged about the tragic death of Chithra, who hanged herself to death in a hotel room near Chennai on December 9th.

After a long series of interviews with Chithra’s parents, Hemnath’s parents, actresses and friends associated with her, the police have more or less come to the conclusion that it was her husband who turned to her with his irrational and reckless behavior has pushed the limits.

It turns out that Hemnath wasn’t happy that Chithra appeared in intimate scenes on the series and that many times, including the day she died in a drunk state, had gone to the sets and fought with her. At the same time, Chithra’s mother, hearing about Hemnath’s character, forced her to separate from him and call off the wedding planned for February 2021, unaware that the couple had already registered their marriage in October.

Hemnath had revealed in the police investigation that Chithra had started building a new house in Thiruvanmiyur and had also bought a luxury car from Audi earlier this year. She was apparently shocked when the coronavirus pandemic forced a lockdown for several months and pressures to repay loans hit her.

The engagement to Chithra and Hemnath was carried out in August with close family members on both sides, and the actress dreamed of a big wedding that would invite celebrities from the film and television industries. She expected Hemnath to share the enormous expenses he wasn’t for, and had fought with her on that, too.

It is said that the final blow to Chithra was that Hemnath forced her to quit acting because he disliked her in scenes with male co-stars who played their couple. Chithra then attempted suicide by consuming sleeping pills a few months ago, but received timely treatment and escaped death.

Unfortunately, the pressure of the man she loved, the family she valued, the pandemic situation, the increasing debts and above all the threats to her passion for acting are said to have claimed her heart and ultimately stole her life.