WhatsApp rival Telegram to launch pay services from 2021 soon you have to pay charges to use telegram app

There is hardly any public knowledge about instant messaging app Telegram. Like WhatsApp, Telegram is also a very popular app for messaging. Users who like privacy use this app a lot. Actually Telegram has many special features related to privacy which are not available in WhatsApp. But now you may have to pay in time to use Telegram. Because the company now needs money to run Telegram.

The founder and CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov has said that to continue running the business, he would need to generate revenue in 2021. Durov has even stated that he has also spent money from his personal savings to run the company’s expenses. But now the number of users is increasing, due to this the company will need more funding.

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How long will Telegram be free or not?
The Telegram app is going to have 500 million active users worldwide. The CEO has said that Telegram will generate revenue from next year. We will do this according to our value and pledge prepared during 7 years. Most users will not even notice this change. Free features of Telegram app will be free even further and no extra charge will be taken on them. Also one on one chats will be ad free.

Let us know that the company is going to add some new features to the app which will be for the business team and power users. Some of these features will be premium and users will have to pay for this. Some paid features can also be brought for power users. The company has cleared that regular users will continue to use Telegram free.

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Telegram is a privacy focused instant messaging app that has become popular in India in the recent past. Many people use Telegram as a tool to download movies and series, as movies can be easily downloaded here. Telegram reported on Thursday that the company has released 12 updates with SD card storage settings, and new UI animations for Android apps. The company will now be able to simultaneously text and voice chat in the voice chat room to Telegram Group about the voice chat feature.