What’s Arsenal’s worst result in the Premier League?

The Gunners have struggled for the past few years, but when was their worst season? Aim takes a look

The 2020-21 season saw arsenal set an unenviable record as they got off to their worst start in an a Premier League Season.

Mikel Arteta’s team lost five and drew one of their first ten games with just 13 points. Its shape at the turn of the year caused great concern among Gunners believers.

They suffered disappointing losses to Manchester City, Liverpool and arch-rivals Tottenham, as well as a loss to teams like Wolves and Burnley who would normally beat them.

Words like “crisis” and “meltdown” have been used to describe the situation in North London, while doomsday hunters even panic about possible forms of decline.

So with all that is possible goal reminds you of Arsenal’s worst ever Premier League result.

What’s Arsenal’s worst result in the Premier League?

Arsenal’s worst result in the Premier League (since 1992/93) came in the 1994-95 season when they finished the campaign in 12th place in the division.

It was the season that marked the end of George Graham’s tenure as Gunners boss when he was relieved of his position in February after a terrible start in which they lost four and drew two of their first ten games.

Their form in the league never really recovered as they only had 13 wins, lost 17 games and drew 12 in the 42-game campaign throughout the season.

That year, Arsenal also suffered a UEFA Super Cup defeat, succumbing to AC Milan – and when they reached the final of the Cup Winners’ Cup they were beaten by Real Zaragoza.

Arsenal’s end in the 1994-95 PL season

Item team P. W. D. L. GD Point
10 So’ton 42 12th 18th 12th -2 54
11 Chelsea 42 13 15th 14th -5 54
12th arsenal 42 13 12th 17th +3 51
13 Sheff. Marry. 42 13 12th 17th -8th 51
14th West Ham 42 13 11 18th -4 50

It was really a season to forget when they knocked out the FA Cup at the first hurdle and headed to Millwall on a replay. They were eliminated from the League Cup – then the Coca-Cola Cup – by Liverpool.

Prior to 1994/95, 10th in the 1992/93 season – the first year of the Premier League as we know it – was Arsenal’s worst performance in competition.

After the 1994/95 season, Arsenal played 22 seasons without ending up below fifth in the Premier League. Arsene Wenger ushered in an era of success.

However, since Wenger’s tenure ended, things have started to decline. Her sixth place in 2017-18 was a low point in modern times and it was the French coach’s final year of leadership.

That disappointment was then dwarfed by her eighth place finish in 2019-20, a season where the only glitz came in the form of a successful FA Cup campaign.

When was the last time Arsenal relegated?

Arsenal have never been relegated from the Premier League but they are relegated from England’s top division. However, it happened at the beginning of the 20th century in the 1912-13 season.

Known then as Woolwich Arsenal, they spent two seasons in the second division before football was officially postponed in England after the outbreak of World War I.

Interestingly, the Gunners were promoted to the First Division when football resumed in 1919-20, despite finishing fifth in the Second Division in 1914-15.

They were promoted to the new division along with Derby County and Preston North End, overtaking Barnsley and Wolves, who both finished third and fourth in front of them.

In the Premier League era, the Gunners have never really come close to relegation despite being just six points ahead of safety in their worst 1994/95 season.

Arsenal scored a total of 51 points this season and Crystal Palace were relegated by 45 points.

The 1994/95 season remains the only season in which the Gunners ended in the lower half of the table.

Before the low point in the mid-1990s, Arsenal were the closest to relegation 20 years earlier, in the mid-1970s, finishing 16th in 1974-75 and 17th in 1975-76.

They were four points away from safety in 1974-75 when they finished in 16th place, and six points from relegation in 1975-76 – especially the same lead as 1994-95 – when they finished 17th.

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