What helped BJP improve its record in the local elections in Kerala? India News

NEW DELHI: Although the BJP apparently did not produce an impressive performance Kerala citizens electionsHowever, it has significantly improved its 2015 record. The ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) has maintained its unqualified position with the main opposition and under the leadership of Congress United Democratic Front (UDF), is slipping, but still comes in second in the recent elections Panchayats village, Panchayats District and Municipal Enterprises.
Factors that have helped the BJP improve its performance include the Sabarimala agitation and inclusive politics, which for the first time appointed 600 Christian and Muslim candidates and enlisted the services of their senior leaders serving minority communities and belong to the state.
Speaking to timesofindia.com, BJP spokesman Tom Vadakkan said that a “solid foundation” was laid for the party in the upcoming general election in Kerala next year.
He said, “The green shoots (the BJP) are visible all over Kerala. It is evident that minority votes are being transferred to the BJP. According to the first available figures, 10% of the Christian votes have been transferred to the party, while the Muslim votes have consolidated in favor of the LDF. ”
Vadakkan said that congress was the biggest loser in these civil elections. “We did better than last time. We have reached a 1600 mark. The last time it was 1200. The BJP has made its way into the traditional constituencies of high-ranking congress leaders like former Defense Minister AK Antony, the former Prime Minister Oommen Chandy, Leader of the opposition in the Kerala Assembly, Ramesh Chennithala and Thiruvananthapuram Lok Sabha, MP Shashi Tharoor. ”
The Sabarimala controversy appears to have helped the BJP. It lies ahead of the others in Pandalam, the epicenter of the protests organized by the party along with other Hindu groups against the entry of menstrual women into the temple.
The protests followed the Supreme Court ruling that women of all ages were allowed to enter the Sabarimala Temple.
In addition, in an unprecedented move, the BJP has proposed over 600 Muslim and Christian candidates – 112 Muslims and 500 Christians – for the Panchayat, community and business elections to be held on December 8th, 10th and 14th.
In addition, the BJP dispatched three of its leaders from Kerala itself and all members of the minority communities – National Vice President AP Abdullakutty, a Muslim; and National Spokesman Tom Vadakkan and Rep. KJ Alphons of Rajya Sabha, both Christians – for campaigning in the citizen polls.
The move was to get the message across that the BJP is reaching out to minorities and that it is a national inclusive party. She also tried to counter the alleged propaganda by Congress and the left-wing parties that the minorities would not support them, respect the sentiments of Muslim and Christian community leaders for the conduct of these elections, and claim their base in the southern state facing the gathering expand election over the next six months.
The strategy seems to have paid off in part. The BJP is ahead in 23 grams of panchayats and two parishes. The ruling LDF appeared to be reviewing local body surveys in the state.
The Left Front led 514 grams of panchayats, five corporations, and 11 district panchayats. The UDF ranked second and ran in over 400 local bodies.
In 2015, LDF became the most successful coalition, securing 549-gram panchayats, 90 block panchayats, 44 parishes, and four companies.
The LDF and the UDF reached a level in the Panchayat district and won seven districts each.
The coalition led by the BJP took third place with 14 gram panchayats and a community.