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North India, including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, is experiencing a freezing cold. The outbreak of winter in North India is such that people have become miserable. In North India, the outbreak of cold has been going on for many days and the cold of Delhi broke the record on Sunday itself. Delhi recorded the lowest temperature of this season. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the national capital had the coldest morning of the season and the temperature reached 3.4 degrees Celsius. Also, in most places in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, the temperature went below zero. Cold alert has been given in Uttar Pradesh and dense fog will also prevail. At the same time, icy winds will continue to wreak havoc in Delhi.

Winter Weather Updates:
-Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, North India also struggled with severe winter on Sunday. The minimum temperature in Mount Abu, Rajasthan reached -1.5 degree on Sunday night. Keylong remained the coldest in Himachal Pradesh, with a minimum temperature of -11 degrees. While the 40-day ‘Chillai Kalan’ in Kashmir is starting from Monday, during which there is a great winter.

Kanpur is colder than London
The night of Kanpur city of UP is colder than London, Nainital, Darjeeling and Dehradun. The minimum temperature on Sunday fell to 4.2 degrees Celsius. While the minimum temperature of cities counted in snowfall cities is running above 5 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature on Sunday in Kanupar was 20.6 and a minimum of 4.2 degrees Celsius. On Saturday, the maximum temperature was 21.2 degrees Celsius and the minimum was 5.6. The minimum temperature has decreased by 4 degrees in the last 72 hours. Mercury was recorded at 6 degrees in London.

The lowest temperature of this season in Delhi
According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature at Safdarjung Observatory on Sunday was 3.4 degrees Celsius, five degrees below normal. Lodhi Road recorded a temperature of 3.3 degrees Celsius. The IMD was told that icy winds from the western Himalayan region covered by snow have sustained a cold outbreak in the city. According to the Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature is expected to be around 5 degrees Celsius for the next five to six days.

Kashmir improved on Sunday
Minimum temperature at various places in Kashmir improved slightly on Sunday, but the mercury remained below zero in the valley at night. The 40-day long Chillai Kalan phase is going to start from Monday, during which there is a great winter. Officials of the Meteorological Center said that due to the cloudy sky, there was a slight increase in the temperature in the entire Kashmir Valley last night but the minimum temperature remained below zero. He said that due to the winter, water lines and reservoirs in many areas of the valley froze. The Meteorological Center has said that heavy snowfall is not expected in the union territory by the end of this month, while light snowfall may occur at some places in Kashmir on Monday.

In the mountainous regions of Himachal Pradesh, icy winds are blowing and in many places the temperature has gone below zero. Director of Shimla Meteorological Center Manmohan Singh said that Keylong, the administrative center of Lahaul-Spiti, remained the coldest place in the state where the temperature was minus 11 degrees Celsius. The temperature in Keylong, Kalpa, Manali and Mandi remained below zero in the last 24 hours. The cold may increase further in the coming days.

Cold weather continues in Punjab and Haryana
Cold winds continued to rage in Punjab and Haryana for the last few days and according to the Meteorological Department, Adampur recorded the lowest temperature which was at zero degree Celsius. While Adampur was the coldest place in Punjab, Amritsar is also experiencing a cold winter. Narnaul was the coldest place in Haryana with a minimum temperature of 2.4 degree Celsius. Punjab too is not looking forward to get relief in the next few days.

Minor relief in Rajasthan
There has been a slight respite from the severe winter in most parts of Rajasthan, where the minimum temperature on Saturday night was minus 1.5 degree Celsius in Mount Abu. The Meteorological Department has predicted a minimum temperature rise of 2 to 3 degrees Celsius in most parts of Rajasthan in the next 48 hours and a relief from cold wave in the state from Monday.

Alert in UP
The Meteorological Department has issued a warning of cold wave in some parts of the state during the next 24 hours. During this time, the conditions of cold day will be there in some areas i.e. sunny day will not come out. There is also a possibility of frost in some places of the state. A dense fog may remain in the morning and night. Muzaffarnagar was the coldest place in the state during the last 24 hours, where the mercury was recorded at 2 degrees Celsius.

Cold wave continues in Bihar
Even on Sunday, cold air swept across Bihar. However, a slight relief is expected from Coldhar in the next 24 hours. According to the meteorological center located in Patna, the northwest icy wind will enter the state again after such a situation for a day or two. At the same time, snowfall in Himachal Pradesh continues in North Bihar. Due to strong icy wind, the districts of North Bihar including Muzaffarpur are getting cold. Due to this, the minimum temperature has gone down this season. The minimum temperature has reached 6.9 degrees. The minimum temperature has dropped by 1.1 degrees in the last 24 hours. According to meteorological data, for the second time in 17 years during 2004 to 2020, the minimum temperature has reached the lowest level. Earlier in 2015, the minimum temperature reached the lowest at 4.8 degrees. After this, for the second time in the year 2020, the minimum temperature has reached 6.9 degrees.