We are threatening ourselves: High Court fires on Jagan government lawyers

Amravati: The Andhra Pradesh High Court has taken outrage on the conduct of the police. The government and pro-police lawyers have commented that the High Court is being threatened. She questioned whether it was normal for the police to abduct and detain people, violating the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution. It commented that the deprivation of personal liberty and violation of CRPC rules may or may not be a normal matter for the police but not for the court.

The High Court recalled that a man had been detained and tortured for days a week and released only after filing a petition in the High Court, asking the Om to take advantage of themselves when they could not protect the rights of citizens.

At the hearing on Monday, pro-government and pro-police lawyers threatened the court. The High Court on Wednesday continued its hearing on a petition filed by former TDP MLA Shravan Kumar alleging that the police were harassing people by denying them permission for opposition protests along with several habeas corpus petitions filed alleging illegal detention.

On October 1, the High Court issued directions to find out whether there was a constitutional breach in the state and to hear arguments in this regard. Immediately after the hearing began on Wednesday, police advocate SS Prasad said the case was pending in the Telangana High Court and asked the court to allow some time to hear arguments on the petition. The High Court agreed.

Prosecutors say the Advocate General’s Court brought to the attention of the court on the 14th of this month that the court does not have jurisdiction to decide whether or not a constitutional breach has taken place.