Virat kohli has not hit a single century in the Year 2020 He is not able to continue his record in 12th year In last 11 years he hitted century every year

Pat Cummins took the inside edge of Virat Kohli’s bat and Cameron Green ended the last innings of the year 2020 of the captain of Team India, catching a catch. The disappointment of not getting the team out of this difficult situation was clearly visible on Kohli’s face. Virat Kohli, who scored 18 centuries by mixing all three formats in the last two years, was in a bad mood to not score a single century in the year 2020. This was the first year since his debut in international cricket that Virat’s bat did not feature a century. The century which started on the grounds of Eden Gardens in 2009 lasted for 11 consecutive years, every year Kohli increased the account of his centuries, but in the year 2020, an epidemic named Corona virus, along with millions of lives as well as Virat’s Also put a break on the special record.

Due to Corona virus, this year very little cricket was played all over the world and changes in the rules of the game were also made. Virat Kohli played 9 ODIs, 3 Tests and 10 T20 matches for India in the year 2020 and this star batsman of Team India also reached very close to a century at times, but missed every time to maintain his 11-year record. Kohli reached the score of 89 runs twice this year, but both times Australian fast bowler Josh Hazlewood sent Virat to the pavilion. In the first innings of the Adelaide Test match, when the Indian captain was batting in a brilliant rhythm, everyone felt that the century’s drought of the year would end today, but due to the wrong call of Ajinkya Rahane, Virat for 74 runs. Runout run.

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Virat, who converted his century into a century in a blink of an hour after crossing the 50-run mark, did not shine the same with the bat this year, for which the world is his addict. In 2020, Kohli scored just 116 runs in 6 innings of three Tests at an average of 19.33, with just one half-century off his bat. The captain of Team India played 10 ODIs in the year 2020, in which he scored 431 runs at an average of 47.88, during which he made 4 fifties. In 10 T20 matches, Kohli scored 295 runs, but in the meantime he had just one half-century. Even though this right-handed batsman has played fewer matches in the year 2020, it cannot be denied that Kohli has not been as successful in the year 2020 in terms of turning his innings. In 2016, Virat played 10 ODIs, that is, just one ODI more than this year, but at that time the star batsman had scored 3 centuries.