Virat Kohli fans slam Sunil Gavaskar for hinting at bias in the Indian team

Gavaskar's anger ..

Gavaskar’s anger ..

Virat Kohli’s Little Master, who has recently responded to paternity leave, is outraged that TeamIndia management is adopting duplicitous policies. Giving paternity leave to father-to-be captain Virat Kohli .. even if the wife of the same young bowler T Natarajan gives birth to a baby .. how reasonable is it to keep him in Australia as a net bowler. One justice for Kohli .. another justice for Natarajan? The BCCI was wrong. Gavaskar responded to the paternity leave issue in a column written for Sports Star.

  The justice of this ..

The justice of this ..

‘Natarajan is unaware of the BCCI’s attitude. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Natarajan recently became a father. But has not yet seen his child. He was taken directly to Australia from the UAE. Even if he is not in the Test team .. he is kept there as a net bowler. Kohli was allowed to return to India. One justice for Kohli .. another justice for Natarajan ?. One rule for each player. This is Indian cricket. Gavaskar expressed impatience. Former spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has been sidelined for not excelling in a single match. Did he do the same with the same batsmen? Sunny asked.

  Can't ask if Rohit is taking ..

Can’t ask if Rohit is taking ..

Kohli fans are angry over Gavaskar’s remarks. ‘Are there any similarities between Natarajan and Virat Kohli? Did he actually appeal to the team to go? Gavaskar .. Do you understand what I am saying? When Rohit Sharma took paternity leave your mouth did not open. Wow did he play your Mumbai? But why is Kohli rotten and jealous of you? How are your words CEO of the company .. You are saying that the newcomer is the only employee. Natarajan is a young player. He wants to seize the opportunity that has come his way. But Virat is a world class player. Know it ‘is igniting the Twitter platform.

Is it wrong to play IPL with injury?

Is it wrong to play IPL with injury?

Is it wrong to play IPL due to injury? Gavaskar is being deposed. Fans are questioning why Rohit, who risked for the franchise regardless of TeamIndia’s future series, did not say a single word. Rohit Sharma also recalls skipping a test when his daughter was born. Did Natarajan tell you anything that was bothering him? Are also outraged. They are demanding that the Border-Gavaskar Trophy be renamed.