Viral: The mother who bit the daughter’s fingers and shared the video ..! | Toddler’s reaction after mom pretends to eat her finger leaves netizens in splits. Watch

A mother bites her daughter’s fingers. However, she shared the video of the eating on Instagram. What is so cruel .. how was she left like that .. did her daughter torture her so much? Her mother, the monster? Is this what you think in your mind ..

However that mother was not really biting her daughter’s fingers. The daughter pretended to eat to see the reaction. This video has now gone viral on social media.

Going into details .. A few days ago a woman from Kansas in America pretended to bite her daughter Josephine Charlie with her fingers in a note. But Charlie who looked at his fingers really did face that his mother had eaten them. Cried Vekkivekki.

The woman shared the video on her Instagram account. “Charlie is still angry at me for eating his fingers,” Heading added.

The video, which was shared on December 13, garnered thousands of views and tens of comments. Responding to this, netizens are commenting, “This child is so innocent!