Viral Photos Of Remote Island Has Been Empty For 100 Years

Surrounded by the sea .. Beautiful island in the middle .. There is only one White House. But no one has lived in that house for hundreds of years. The White House has now gone viral on social media. The White House is actually located on the remote island of Elie Island, south of Iceland. Although the island is now uninhabited, there is evidence that five families lived here 300 years ago. They depended on fishing, hunting for puffins, and raising livestock.

Netizens are commenting on these photos in various ways. They are commenting that it is the only house in the world … that the original house does not exist now .. photos edited in Photoshop. There is another rumor about such a beautiful house. Rumors are coming in that this house was built by a billionaire .. who wanted to go and live there in the context of the zombie apocalypse.