Vikas Gupta posts a video statement after he was expelled from Bigg Boss 14’s home. says, “I was vulnerable and cried after watching myself.”

Bigg Boss 11 candidate Vikas Gupta, who was invited to participate in Season 14 as a candidate, was banned from the reality show. Vikas and Arshi Khan’s fights became more intense with each passing day, and eventually Vikas lost his cool and responded to Arshi’s statements. The reaction cost him this show.

Vikas Gupta was asked to leave Bigg Boss 14’s home to shove Arshi Khan into the pool after dragging his family in between. In the video statement posted by Vikas, he said that he is not at Bigg Boss’s house and has parked in isolation so he can understand what just happened to him. I was in a vulnerable state and said many things. I cried after watching myself. I will find a way and I am sure that I will crack it. I made a mistake and was punished for it. Let’s hope and pray these good things will happen to all of us. I’m not very sad now, well, don’t worry, “said Vikas Gupta. Watch the video here:

For the unskilled, Vikas had a major emotional breakdown in the house when he was reprimanded. Vikas said he worked very hard to achieve the stature he has now received and that everyone is just trying to tarnish his image. The producer, screenwriter, said he has always been good to everyone but it fails and asked what he should do to make people believe he is a good person. He also said no one supported him when researching his sexuality.

When Arshi spoke about their struggle, he told Vikas that the person who does not appreciate his mother will never be left in peace. This left Vikas baffled and he told her she would pay for it and he would make her life here miserable.