Vehicles Without HSRP, Color Coded Stickers To Be Fined In Delhi: All You Need To Know – India News

The transportation department in Delhi launched an action on Tuesday to check vehicles that are driving without high security license plates (HSRP) and color-coded fuel stickers. While driving, the authorities will punish violations with a fine of up to Rs 10,000, which according to the amended Motor Vehicle Act can be compounded to Rs 5,500.

In Delhi, HSRPs and color-coded fuel stickers are required by order of the court and government. Vehicles registered before April 1st, 2019 must have the HSRPs and sticker installed, while new vehicles registered after the date will have both installed. However, vehicles that have already applied for HSRP and color-coded stickers will not be fined as long as they present the application form that is received after registration. From now on, this only applies to vehicles registered in Delhi, other countries are not affected.

What is an HSRP license plate?

HSRPs are chrome-based hologram plates that are provided with a permanent laser brand identification number and cannot be copied. These are made by hot stamping on the front and rear license plates.

How can you update your license plates?

You can contact government authorized vehicle dealers. The lists are available on the State Transportation Agency website. Or you can make an appointment with the selected dealer.

What are color-coded fuel stickers?

The color-coded fuel stickers are designed to identify vehicles based on their fuel types. For example, vehicles that run on CNG or petrol must affix blue stickers. While diesel vehicles have orange stickers.

The stickers also contain details such as the registration number, the registration authority, a PIN with laser mark and the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle.