US FDA has approved new antigen test system /

US FDA has approved new antigen test system

Result in 30 minutes

WASHINGTON: The US Drug Enforcement Administration (FDA) has approved a new antigen test system that can perform the Kovid diagnostic test at home. This policy will be available from next year. Developed by the Australian company Elum, the policy is FDA approved under emergency use. Named the Home Covid Test, the kit can be used by anyone over the age of two. This pocket size kit should include a sample collected from a swab.

It then analyzes the corona virus proteins and sends the result to our mobile phone in just 20 minutes. The FDA claims that the procedure identifies the virus with a 96 percent accuracy of positive for those with corona virus symptoms. However, the FDA recommends that patients with symptoms test positive for other tests. The device, which can be used all at once, is expected to sell for around $ 30 online and in stores, Eleum explained. The Australian company has revealed that it will be shipping millions of these devices to the US next month.

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