UAE Fatwa Council Reference to Muslims on Corona Vaccine

Dubai: The UAE Fatwa Council, the highest Islamic body in the United Arab Emirates, has agreed to allow Muslims to be vaccinated against corona. Gelatin (a type of protein) derived from pork is used in the preparation of the corona vaccine. However, according to Islamic law, it is forbidden for Muslims to consume pork. Should Muslims be vaccinated against corona in this context? Or not? The debate went on for a long time. Sheikh Abdullah Bin, Chairman of the UAE Fatwa Council, responded.

He said it was necessary to be vaccinated to protect against the corona epidemic. He said that vaccine manufacturers did not develop vaccines in accordance with Muslim laws, but only for the purpose of protecting mankind from the epidemic. He said that the pork gelatin in the vaccine should be considered only as a medicine and not as food. All Muslims are urged to be vaccinated against corona.