Twitter begins removing misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines

Twitter said Wednesday that it will begin removing misinformation about COVID-19 Vaccinations from its location.

It has been listed among the posts that will be removed, including false claims that the virus is fake, debunked claims about the effects of getting the vaccine, and unsubstantiated claims suggesting vaccinations are used to harm or harm people check.

Twitter said in a blog post that it will start enforcing the new policy next week. If people send tweets that violate the rules, they must delete them before they can tweet again. Before the tweet in question is removed, it will no longer be displayed by Twitter.

Twitter said it may also flag tweets beginning early next year promoting unsubstantiated rumors, controversial claims, and incomplete or out of context information about vaccines, but which may not need to be removed under the new rules.

The new policy comes as the US starts implementing it COVID-19 Vaccinations in the largest vaccination campaign in the country’s history. Vaccinations in other countries are also under way.

While large crowds of people hesitate about vaccinations and anti-vaccination groups and individuals sell conspiracies on social media.

Facebook and YouTube have also announced that they are removing misinformation about the vaccines.

The number of people who died from the Coronavirus In the US, a staggering 300,000 people were killed on Monday, with an average of 2,400 people dying every day, according to Johns Hopkins University.