Trump, put it longer

Nijanne Ballaguddy, who was present at the Electoral College meeting in America on Monday, said more. The meeting confirmed with 306 votes that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had won a solid victory in the previous presidential election and that the US presidential vice presidents are now three. Donald Trump is not inclined to accept defeat, but he and other Republican party leaders have no clearer message. There have been a series of setbacks for Trump, who has resorted to the courts alleging that Biden won the election by committing injustices and irregularities. If Trump continues to show the same senseless stubbornness for a long time, he and his party will be discredited. The notoriety of undermining the American electoral system and democracy is hanging around his neck with him.

Republican leaders will not hesitate to step down after the Electoral College vote. Mitch McConnell, one of the party’s senior leaders, not only declared his public support for the new president and vice president, but also urged the party to refrain from questioning and doubting the outcome of the election. The old man, who has been hailed as a stalwart of the party, has opposed Trump on several occasions in the past, but has refused to recognize Biden’s victory. Trump has also been spotted in the Supreme Court, with Republican senators beginning to comment that they should not question the outcome of one election after another as the Electoral College sided with Biden. This change in the attitude of the Republican Party leaders, long before the joint sitting of both houses of Parliament on January 6 to formally seal the Electoral College results, is a setback for Trump, with many announcing that they will work with Biden.

Analysts say Trump, who is also erring on the side of the Supreme Court ruling, may not compromise so quickly on his defeat. His comments by White House supporters that he would look for more ways to stop Biden also make this clear. Knowing Trump’s stubbornness, he will also attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, saying that his absence, along with four other former presidents, will go down in history. Even after Biden’s inauguration, Trump will not suffer any personal loss if he does not change his stance. But, what is gone is America’s honor. The world is shocked to see that the electoral process in America, which claims to be the deepest democracy, is so long, complicated and controversial. Strange events are seen here that are not seen in democracies except in dictatorial countries. Republican leaders still have a responsibility to ensure that the change of power takes place in a dignified and dignified manner. Republican senators have a responsibility to stop cooking for Trump and work with the new rulers and government. The recent pro-Trump rally turned violent, with four churches attacked and black banners and emblems set ablaze. Leaving Trump alone would lead to more such incidents with his own remarks. Trump, who believes he has not lost, can run again four years later and win nicely. Meanwhile, in a situation where every attempt he makes to manipulate the election results is thwarted, it is appropriate for him to abide by his earlier promise not to vacate the White House unless the Electoral College votes are confirmed and say goodbye as soon as possible.