Trump is home now ..!

The Electoral College elected Biden as president

Washington: Joe Biden’s election as US President has been officially confirmed. Electoral colleges of all the states met on Monday as per the constitutional rules. Electors elect Joe Biden as president and Kamala Harris as vice president. Biden won 302 out of a total of 538 electoral college seats.

This marks the end of President Trump’s legal battle to prevent Biden’s victory. In addition to gaining popular votes, Trump also failed to win the support of the Electoral College. Speaking on a previous occasion, Trump commented that he would leave the White House if Electoral College Biden was elected president. With that latest development, it is clear that he will have to leave the White House. In fact it is only a tradition for the Electoral College to meet and elect a president. The next president will be announced on the day of the results. But there were suspicions that any unforeseen consequences could occur at the last minute as Trump descends into legal action. It is in this context that the Electoral College Conference took precedence.

Trump has been accused of massive fraud in the presidential election from the beginning. Courts have been resorted to to cancel millions of votes, especially in four key states. But, Trump was spotted everywhere. His charges were eventually dropped in the Supreme Court. The courts ruled that there was no evidence that the irregularities had taken place. This left Trump with no choice but to accept defeat. The chances of changing the results are gradually dwindling. It was agreed to the transfer of power a few days ago. However, he has not publicly acknowledged defeat so far. Demonstrating the elegance that their struggle is not over yet.

Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who lost the 2016 Democratic presidential race, is in fresh electoral college. Biden, who was elected electorate from New York, announced her support for Kamala Harris. Speaking on the occasion, she said that the Electoral College system needs to be abolished. The winner was asked to be announced on the basis of popular votes.

I will work harder and harder for those who do not vote for me

Speaking on the occasion of his election as President of the Electoral College, Biden said that in the end, democracy has won. He said government policies and traditions had come under severe scrutiny in this regard. However, it was clarified that the systems were not relaxed at all. He was referring to Trump’s attempts to indirectly change the outcome. The word “democracy” has now penetrated the heart of every American. He reminded that politicians should not take power in America .. people should surrender to them. “Democracy was lit in America many years ago. No matter the epidemic .. no matter how much abuse of power .. that lamp can no longer be extinguished, ”he commented. He wants to be president for all Americans. He commented that he would work harder for the welfare of those who did not vote for him.

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