They are responsible for the malicious content!

They are responsible for the malicious content!

UK new law to regulate social media

LONDON: False propaganda, malicious information and cyber-attacks are commonplace on social media, according to international reports. In this context, the United Kingdom has stepped in to control social media companies. The UK government has said it has the authority to hold senior companies and managers accountable for protecting citizens from malicious content such as violence, terrorism, suicide, cyberbullying and child abuse. It has been revealed that a new bill on these will be introduced in Parliament next year.

The UK says it will impose heavy fines on companies that fail to remove or prevent the spread of malicious content on social media sites, websites, apps and other Internet media through the new honeymoon ‘Online Safety Bill’. Such companies are subject to a fine of up to $ 24 million or 10% of their total turnover. The purpose of the new law is to bring accountability to social media in the new age. Newspapers thus revealed that sites can be protected from having any impact on the news that comes in them.

‘We work with organizations to protect Internet users and prevent Internet abuse. Terrorism, child abuse and other malicious content are not allowed on the Internet under any circumstances. “Tech companies must make public safety their number one priority, or face the consequences,” Home Secretary Preity Patel said in a statement. Oliver Dowden, the UK government’s digital secretary, believes the new rules will set global standards for online safety.

As part of the new rules, platforms like Facebook, TickTalk, Instagram and Twitter have been added to Category 1. Risks that could cause any harm to consumers should be identified and monitored from time to time. Users should be able to easily report malicious content if it is detected. It should also report on what actions have been taken. Category 2 only includes malicious platforms such as dating services and private messaging apps. UK officials said the new regulations would be in addition to the existing stricter regulations.

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