The Urcit meteor shower around 2020 will peak around the winter solstice

This little meteor shower is actually seen across the sky from the northern hemisphere at five to ten meteors per hour.

On the evening of December 21st, the Urchits peaked and lasted until the early morning of December 22nd. The moon is 50% full. Combined with the mostly cloudy winter nights in December, this can affect your view of this little rain.

If you want a better view of the rain, wait for the moon to set at 12:30 p.m. on December 22, NASA said. Then look up at the sky for about an hour.

The meteor shower is made up of the Ursa Minor galaxy known as Little Tipper, but the meteorite is visible all over the sky.

Urchits claims a new meteor shower EarthSky.orgSkywatching Guide. Although many of the meteorites we see year-round have been annual events for centuries, urchins weren’t seen until the 20th century.
This meteor shower occurs as Earth comet 8B / Dutt approaches orbit, and this year, this comet is followed by a lot of debris on our next pass. American Meteorological Association. This can lead to more activity during meteor showers.

Don’t look straight at the sky. According to the American Meteorological Society, the sky is about half the target.

The twins revealed that Meteorite Sunday is also underway and the winter solstice occurs a day later on December 21st.
“Don’t forget to keep an eye on what is known as the“ Christmas Star ”(it’s not actually a star) on December 21st. Jupiter and Saturn are more closely fused in our heavens than they have been for centuries.