The real image of the Redmi K40 series with a special camera design is displayed online

Since becoming independent from Redmi, the company has been quite successful. As of now there are eight different line-ups on the market. The Redmi K series is particularly successful. It starts with the Redmi K20 series which has three models. The Redmi K30 series is one of the longest series in the smartphone industry. This series has well over five models that span over a year. After Redmi announced that the Redmi K30 series is no longer available, information about the Redmi K40 series came online.

Redmi K40

Now we have some real pictures of the Redmi K40 series and I can’t help but admire the camera design. The phone in the picture has a thick confidential phone case. Even so, we can still see the Redmi K40 series adopting a new design.

It can be seen from the pictures that the Redmi K40 series has a central hole design. This is a change from the pill-shaped hole on the right side of the red K30 screen. Of course, we cannot say whether all models in this series will use this design. Most likely not all will use this design because of the The Redmi K30 series has several designs.

The picture also shows that the back of this smartphone also has a new design. It has four cameras like the previous generation, but the arrangement of the cameras is different. The bowl is a rectangle with curved corners, a large sensor on top, two small sensors in the middle and a large sensor on the bottom. The camera sensors have the shape of a square (a 4-sided polygon). There is also an LED flash next to the camera sensors and the label “ULTRA PREMIUM” under the flash.

In addition, the picture also shows that the Redmi K40 comes with one 3.5mm audio jack on the lower left. In the middle there is a USB-C interface and on the right there is a loudspeaker grille. The SIM card / memory card slot is located on the top left of this smartphone.

According to reports, the company will officially release the Redi K40 this month. There are expectations that this device will come with a high refresh rate as well as a flagship Snapdragon processor. In addition, we also expect one Fast charging technology on this. It should also run Android 11 out of the box.