The psychological habits of women are different from those of men

ACE2 receptors are a type of human enzyme that SARS-COV-2 binds to and then begins to replicate. It also provides important protection against certain types of cardiovascular and pulmonary complications.

Thanks to the unique cocktail of chromosomes and hormones found in women’s bodies, studies suggest that women may have twice as many ACE2 receptors in their bodies, reducing their chances of contracting COVID-19. The study, conducted by leading researchers from the University of Alberta, found that higher ACE2 receptors enabled the system to filter out the virus and manipulate levels to protect the body to some extent.

In comparison, some studies have also found that men not only have fewer, more vulnerable ACE2 receptors, making them prone to risk of infection, but also a lot of ACE2 receptors near their reproductive system, unfortunately making them prone to erectile dysfunction and other fertility problems that can also turn into a post-COVID symptom. Read more about the symptoms here

That being said, women can also have many other genetically blessed benefits that put them at a surprisingly lower risk for COVID-19.