The mantra of fitness

Kannada Soyagam Rashmika Mandanna says that she exercises regularly only to be physically and mentally strong. Rashmi is confident that a happy life is possible only if there is coordination between the body and the mind. A fitness lover by nature, the Coorg muddugumma often shares fitness videos on social media. She said ‘My goal is to show the best talent in every job. It must also be physically strong if it is to be possible. I don’t want to exercise for anyone’s praise. Everyday affairs also feel comfortable if you are fit. We look beautiful and fun even in front of the camera. There is a misconception that women should not lift weights too much. Lifting moderate weights reduces body fat and strengthens bones. The physique also improves. In the meantime I learned to play volleyball. That game also feels like a part of fitness. ‘ It is known that Rashmika Mandanna is currently acting in the Telugu film ‘Pushpa’.