The interfaith couple bet on HC orders and say they won’t be returning to UP

Posted by Sofi Ahsan | New Delhi |

Updated: December 21, 2020, 7:34:35 a.m.

While Justice Anu Malhotra denied the couple’s request, she said on Wednesday that the prayers “are in the range of speculation” and “currently no such orders can be issued regarding them”.

“We couldn’t have married in Shahjahanpur, someone would have found out and stopped us,” said 25-year-old Shameem, who fled his hometown in Uttar Pradesh with 21-year-old Simran last month.

For fear of vigilance in the name of “love jihad” and with the UP police, who are holding interfaith couples citing the newly proclaimed people Uttar Pradesh ban on illegal conversion of religious ordinanceThe interfaith couple filed a petition with the High Court on December 16, asking not only for protection from their families but also for coercion from the UP police.

On Saturday, the couple filed for registration of their marriage under the Special Marriage Act after the Delhi government assured the High Court on Wednesday that they would be provided with a security house and police security if necessary.

However, the court did not address their arrests against the UP police. The couple had asked for instructions to urge the Delhi authorities to ensure that if the UP police were investigated, they would not be removed from the jurisdiction of the Delhi Supreme Court without prior authorization.

While Justice Anu Malhotra denied the couple’s request, she said on Wednesday that the prayers “are in the range of speculation” and “currently no such orders can be issued regarding them”.

Speaking to The Indian Express, the couple said they fled Shahjahanpur in November when Simran’s family allegedly forced them to marry another man, adding that they have no plans to return anytime as they face reprisals from guards and authorities feared.

“The new law is a problem for interfaith couples. That was one of the reasons we left Shahjahanpur, ”Shameem said.

“Agar wahan se Karte, toh love jihad keh dete (if we had married there they would have called it love jihad) … even if I hadn’t been forced into marriage, they would have said that because I’m with a Muslim boy. In UP, they do this on purpose to catch the man, ”added Simran.

The couple said they met in April 2017 at a coaching center where Simran was studying to go to the police and Shameem for a banking job. “He was good at studying, so we started talking and getting closer,” said Simran.

While Shameem, a BTech graduate from Lucknow, later moved to Delhi, where he worked for an automotive company, Simran stayed in Shahjahanpur working as an accountant, a job she left “due to family pressures” during the lockdown.

The couple told The Indian Express that they fear reprisals from their families as well as from guards and authorities in UP.

“I was mostly at home during the lockdown and my family suspected I had been on the phone for a long time. They forced me to marry, ”said Simran.

She said her family did not suspect that the man she was in contact with was a Muslim until she went to Delhi in November.

When they arrived in Delhi, they contacted an NGO who helped them move the court.

Shameem said his family did not know about their relationship until last month. “Even if you object, I cannot leave you or ask you to change your religion. I’m going to get married under the Special Marriage Act, ”he said.

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