The groom was murdered for not calling the wedding and not taking the drug

Aligarh: A groom who invited friends to a wedding arranged medicine and dinner for them. After the wedding thread was over he went to have fun with friends and was brutally murdered at their hands. The newlyweds were stabbed to death by his friends for not arranging enough alcohol. The shocking incident took place in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. According to the police ..

Bablu, 28, of Palimukimpur village in Aligarh, was married last Monday to a young woman from the same area. The groom arranged a special dinner for his friends who were getting married. After the wedding, Bablu went to meet friends. His friends, who were already well intoxicated, asked for more alcohol. However, the groom said that he had already drunk a lot and could not bring alcohol yet. This led to a dispute. In the process, one of the friends stabbed Babloo. The victim was rushed to hospital with serious injuries. Doctors said he was already dead. The main accused was arrested by the police who registered a case as per the complaint of the family members of the deceased. The rest of the fugitive suspects are said to be on the run.

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