The groom was killed

Giving a bachelor party to friends of the new groom before the wedding has become very common lately. Sadly the groom’s son also gave a pre-wedding party. However .. exceptionally .. when so married .. the groom was brutally murdered. Saying that he did not drink enough alcohol at the bachelor party .. It is noteworthy that the friends killed the groom. The tragedy took place in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Going into full details ..

Bablu, 28, of Palimukimpur village in Aligarh, was married to a woman from the same area last Monday. The groom arranged a special meal and dinner for his friends who came to the wedding. After the wedding, Bablu went to visit his friends. His friends, who had already been drinking to the point of intoxication, demanded more alcohol.

However .. Bablu avoided them. He said that he had already drunk too much alcohol and that he could not bring more than that. With this .. his friends got into an argument with Bablu. In this sequence one of the friends stabbed Babloo. The victim was rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries, doctors said. Police said the case has been registered and is being investigated as per the complaint of the family members.