The founders of CD Projekt Red have lost $ 1 billion since Cyberpunk launched in 2077

Due to Cyberpunk 2077’s rocky start, the founders of CD Projekt Red have lost over $ 1 billion together

After years of excitement and a massive marketing campaign over the past two years Cyberpunk 2077 started and was quickly demolished. The game has a variety of issues, from random bugs and glitches to absolutely unplayable performances on last generation consoles. Even though Cyberpunk 2077 has already more than made up for the cost, it seems that the founders of the Projekt Red developer CD are still losing money

A report released by Bloomberg yesterday found that the game’s glitches and rocky launch cost the founders of CD Projekt Red over $ 1 billion. Over the past week, the company’s stock has fallen, despite not recording any lows. By Cyberpunk 2077Due to the numerous issues, the developer apologized for not paying enough attention to the game’s performance on PS4 and Xbox One. It was recommended that players refund the game if they are not satisfied with it.

The Bloomberg report also notes the stain that has now formed on CD Projekt Red’s reputation. The company that was celebrated for The witcher Franchises of games, now find a lack of public trust. With its previous franchise, CD Projekt Red established itself as a developer of high quality games and was loved for it. Now public opinion about the company that has been caught in lies is regarding Cyberpunk 2077‘s performance has turned. It is not clear what CD Projekt Red can do to restore its public face.

CD Projekt Red promised that Cyberpunk 2077 will receive massive updates in the coming months to address its performance and stability issues. The game will continue to feature more content in the future, including DLC ​​and a multiplayer component. The game is expected to receive free content updates sometime in 2021. A multiplayer mode should be available by 2022.