The first covid vaccine for a nurse in America

The first covid vaccine for a nurse in America

Commencement of vaccine distribution in the superpower

New York: The distribution of the Kovid vaccine has begun in the United States, where the value of corona is high. Officials who made all the arrangements for the distribution of the first dose of Pfizer vaccine in the country .. The first dose of the vaccine was given to a nurse. This made Sandra Lindsay, a nurse in critical care at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens, the first person to receive the vaccine in the superpower. She expressed happiness on the occasion of receiving the vaccine. It is hoped that this vaccine will bring relief. With the advent of the vaccine I think this marks the beginning of a painful time in American history. He said there was a need to build public confidence that the vaccine was safe. She urged people to still wear masks, adhere to physical distance and encourage everyone to get the Kovid vaccine. Authorities began distributing the vaccine Monday after the Food and Drug Administration approved the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use. On this occasion, Pfizer CEO Albert Borla said that he will take the vaccine. The CEO also said that if the vaccine is roasted, it will increase public confidence in it.

Congrats America: Trump tweet

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump tweeted that the distribution of the first vaccine in their country had begun. “Congrats America, congrats the world,” he said on Twitter. As of December 13, more than 16 million people in the United States had been infected with the Kovid virus, killing more than 3 million people.