The EFF page with Apple “laughs” at Facebook’s criticism of the data protection functions of iOS 14

Last week, Facebook publicly criticized Apple’s plans in early 2021 to add new data protection functions to iOS 14. While Facebook has slowed down Apple’s planned changes, the Electronic Border Trust has now stepped on Apple’s side and says Facebook’s reviews are “ridiculous”.

By 2021, Apple will create a new app tracking transparency feature that requires businesses to get user permission before they can track users on other apps and websites. This fall was originally scheduled for the iOS 14 release, but Apple gave developers more time to plan until early 2021.

With the release of the transparency feature for app tracking, Facebook is in a public PR war against Apple. According to Facebook, the new changes will hurt small businesses and affect the ability of companies to reach new customers. Apple, on the other hand, says no to want Facebook to change its approach to tracking users just to get permission instead.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says Facebook’s argument is wrong:

Facebook recently launched a campaign called Defender of Small Businesses. This is Facebook’s ridiculous attempt to distract you from poor records of unexpected behavior and privacy issues, while also trying to prevent Apple privacy changes, which is bad for Facebook’s business.

Trackers need to get your consent before they can track you over the internet. We applaud Apple for this change. But because Facebook built a huge empire around the concept of tracking everything you do by selling and sharing your data in a seedy third-party package, users and policymakers alike want to believe otherwise.

EFF says such claims “can no longer be true” in Facebook’s argument that small businesses will be affected.

Facebook claims to protect small businesses in this regard, and this can no longer be true. Facebook stopped them from forcing their customers to be sneaky and negative. A broken system cannot protect the privacy and control of its own users.

Finally, EFF invites Google to follow in Apple’s footsteps:

Overall, AppTrackingTransparency is a big step for Apple. If a company does what is right for its users, EFF will stand by it, just as we do against companies that do wrong. Apple is right here and Facebook is wrong. Next step: Android should follow the same protection. Your move, Google.

You can find the full blog post from EFF here.

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