The Department of Health convenes an urgent meeting to discuss the new strain of coronavirus in the UK

In a new development the Union Ministry of Health will hold a high level meeting on Monday to discuss the new Coronavirus strain found in the Great Britain.

A senior government official said the Joint Monitoring Group (JGM) had decided to hold a meeting to discuss the new strain of Covid in the UK. Representatives of the world health The organization will likely attend the meeting, the official said.

“In relation to India, there are still no significant changes or mutations in the Covid strain. We are investigating strains of Coronavirus very closely in our country. But yes, we also keep track of what is happening in terms of variants of the world COVID-19 Burden, “said the official.

According to international media reports, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday that the new coronavirus virus strain was far easier to transmit.

Johnson immediately announced on Saturday that London and south east England would be “staying home” to slow down new strains that are reported to be far more contagious.