The Delhi Assembly rejects all three farm laws. Kejriwal tears up copies, says every farmer has become Bhagat Singh – Delhi News

Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal fought against the central government on Thursday during the one-day session of the Delhi Assembly. The protests against the centre’s three farm reforms began on day 22.

Kejriwal tore up copies of the three farm laws during the session and appealed to the center not to get any worse than the British.

“What was the rush to pass farm laws in Parliament during the pandemic? It is the first time that three laws have been passed without a vote in Rajya Sabha … I am tearing up three farm laws in this assembly and appeals center so as not to be worse than the British, ”said the Delhi Prime Minister, according to the news agency ANI.

Kejriwal asked the BJP-led government how many more sacrifices the agitated peasants would have to make to hear their voices.

“Every farmer has become Bhagat Singh. The government says they are reaching out to farmers and trying to explain the benefits of farm bills. UP CM told farmers that they will benefit from these bills as their land will not be taken away. Is it an advantage? ” he added.

Earlier, the Delhi Minister of Transport and AAP chief Kailash Gahlot presented a resolution to repeal three communications laws that were passed during the monsoon session of Parliament in December.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that farmers protesting near the state capital could not block the city. Chief Justice of India (CJI) SA Bobde added that a protest is constitutional until it does not destroy property or endanger life.

“The center and the farmers have to talk. We are thinking of an impartial and independent committee where both parties can present their side of the story to resolve the impasse on agricultural laws, ”said Bobde, adding that the independent committee would make a statement that should be followed.