The CM must announce that the island will be moved

The government should withdraw the cases against the agitators
TDP leader Yanamala Ramakrishna demanded‌

Today, Digital, Amravati, News Today, Kakinada City: CM Jagan made a public statement that the island would be evacuated and demanded that the people of the East Godavari District Thondagi Zone Kottapakal area be assured that the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council Yanamala Ramakrishna had stated that the cases would be registered against those involved in the anti-Divis agitation and that the government should withdraw them. . They demanded that the government negotiate directly with the protesters over the establishment of the industry. After the protesters were arrested by the police and kept in custody on court orders, they were incensed at how a private company was withdrawing cases against them. It is flagrant that the state government has once again deceived the people of Kona area as the island ownership has agreed to the demands of the locals. ‘There has been no assurance from the government that the industry will move out of the Kona area. The government itself must give a clear guarantee on the establishment of a pollution-free industry. All the guarantees given by Divis in this regard are fake. With the establishment of the island in the Kona area, the shrimp export business will be severely affected and the youth will lose their employment and income. The government should take back the decision to set up the island, ”he demanded. ‘Lands were acquired for the Kakinada SEZ during the reign of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Since then the Jagan‌ family has had an eye on the lands adjacent to it. Is promoting its own business there. ‘