Suggested move Dublin | The Happily Ever After Rail: You propose to your girlfriend as a train driver at Pearse Station in Dublin

The proposal took place at Pearse Station in Dublin.

The proposal took place at Pearse Station in Dublin. | Photo credit: Twitter

Dublin: They know that a day with a little love in the air gets a little better!

A beautiful proposal from Dublin, Ireland, where a man named Conor O’Sullivan fell on one knee to propose to his friend from Irish Rail driver Paula Carbo Zea has gone viral and the internet is absolutely thrilled!

Posted on Twitter, it was a surprise that O’Sullivan sparked with everyone’s involvement in the town’s Pearse Station. With the help of a hidden camera in Zea’s cabin, the video shows the train slowly pulling in. A few seconds later she discovers a plaque with the word “Will” on it.

Then ‘you’ follows and the puzzle is put together. The question is, in fact, the million dollar question, “Will you marry me?”

Conor O’Sullivan is standing next to the last board with ‘Me’ written on it with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. His girlfriend gets off the train, approaches him, as he is already on his knee, and asks her to marry him. She emphatically says yes, and the engaged couple hug when O’Sullivan picks them up.

A midwife in town named Clodagh Maher shared the video on Twitter. “I didn’t think that someone could cheer me up after a 13-hour shift, and a gentleman goes and suggests his girlfriend to take the train arriving at Pearse Station,” says the caption when she made the suggestion was present at the station took place.

While Maher’s video shows the proposal from the platform’s perspective, the Irish Rail’s Twitter page shared the video captured by the hidden camera in Zea’s cabin to show how it all played out in front of her.

In the caption, they thanked DART and the Pearse Station for helping O’Sullivan make this the best they can, and congratulated the newly engaged couple. According to The Sun, they also appointed someone to move the train forward when Zea decided to move on to celebrate.

Quoted by the tabloid, she was excited and so grateful to everyone for making this wonderful moment possible for her.

For obvious reasons, the video went viral on the internet. Internet users couldn’t stop raving about it. Everyone congratulated the couple and wished them all the best in the life they will spend together.