Streets in Delhi to be redesigned on the lines of European cities: CM Arvind Kejriwal | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: The government of Delhi has appointed a consultant for the redesign of the national main roads along the lines of European cities. Completion is expected to take place in early 2023, Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Tuesday.
The Prime Minister chaired a review meeting and said the advisor should deliver the detailed project report by February 2021 to ensure the rapid progress of the project.
“The PWD should remove all obstacles in redesigning the city streets along the lines of European cities in order to complete the project within the set deadline,” he said.
The consultant is responsible for preparing and submitting a detailed project report by February 2021, on the basis of which bids will be submitted and operations will begin by June 2021, according to a government statement.
The Delhi government is working on redesigning 540 km of 100 foot wide roads using the Built-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model and the construction company will take care of maintenance for 15 years, it said.
The Minister of Public Works, Satyendar Jain, the secretary, the chief engineer and the department officials were present.
Bottlenecks on roads cause traffic jams in various parts of the city, the statement said.
The priority will be to remove these bottlenecks first in order to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and an organized lane system.
The second goal is to increase the efficiency of the existing road space.
There will be measured and planned spaces for vehicles, non-motorized vehicles, footpaths and back roads.
The footpaths will be mapped to an average of 10 feet for pedestrians and will be redesigned and reconstructed to a standard height for the convenience of the physically challenged, it said.
The project will also improve the green and address the problem of road dust.
On the sides of the footpaths there will be separate rooms for planting trees, it said.
The slope of the roads as well as the drains are being redesigned to address the problem of waterlogging on the roads.
Rainwater harvesting structures are built in the drainage systems to store rainwater as groundwater.