Stop threats .. China warning!

Stop threats .. China warning!

Ongoing US-China Cold War

BEIJING: Angered by China, US President Donald Trump is continuing his campaign to impose sanctions on Chinese companies. The United States has already banned several companies over allegations that China has links to the military. China has recently responded to the blacklisting of another 59 companies, urging the United States to stop further intimidation. Warned that otherwise retaliatory measures would be taken.

The Chinese Ministry of Industry has erred in imposing sanctions on SMIC, China’s largest chip maker. He accused the US of abusing export controls and other measures to suppress foreign companies. Such threats have once again appealed to the United States to immediately stop arbitrariness. The Chinese Ministry of Industry has made it clear that it will take the necessary steps to protect the rights of Chinese companies during this time.

Donald Trump continues to mount retaliatory measures against China in the run-up to the end of his presidency. Under Trump, US-China trade relations have plummeted to unprecedented levels. And with the latest sanctions, the United States seems to be targeting about 77 foreign companies. About 59 of these companies are from China, while the rest are blacklisted by Bulgaria, France and Pakistan. US President Donald Trump has recently signed a law that will delist Chinese companies from stock exchanges if they fail to enforce US laws.

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