‘Star hero daughter .. is like this ..’

It is enough to see girls who are a bit plump .. ‘Dad, how fat … can you lose weight and become a little thinner! There are a lot of people who comment and give free advice. Vismaya, the daughter of Malayalee actor Mohanlal, faced similar criticism a few months back. Every time she shared her photos on social media, many netizens trolled her, saying, ‘What is the daughter of a star hero like?’ This star kid who looked plump until a few months ago in this order has now become slender. She lost 22 kg after undergoing rigorous training with fitness and martial arts trainers. On this occasion, the beauty star posted a long post on social media about how she became a chubby girl and her unique experience in this journey. This post saying that she worked hard to lose weight is currently trending on social media.

Thinning ‘Awesome’!
Mohanlal … No special introduction is required about this actor who is known as the top protagonist in the Indian film industry. His son Pranav Mohanlal is also a hero like his father. However, unlike the two, his daughter Vismaya is doing well off-screen rather than on-screen. He is making a name for himself as a writer. As part of this, her book ‘Grains of Star Dust’ will be released soon. Awesome is also very good at martial arts. She lived in Thailand until a few months ago and looked fat and plump. However, the star kid gave a surprise to everyone who was thin at once. She worked hard at this and trained in specialized exercises, martial arts. She lost 22 kg in this order and surprised everyone.

Want to lose weight ever since!
She recently posted another post about sharing her workout photos and videos with everyone through social media. She attached a photo of herself that was overweight and now that she has lost weight, along with videos of her martial arts training.

‘I am now excited for every moment spent in Thailand. The training team here is very good. A few years ago I had trouble breathing when I climbed a few stairs. I have been thinking of losing weight ever since. I came to Thailand a few months ago to train in martial arts as part of this. But when I first got here I didn’t really have a clear idea of ​​what I was actually doing. I did not understand what exercises to do to lose weight and become fit. But now I have lost 22 kg by training in martial arts’ ..

All this credit goes to the coach!
‘Now he is happy with me. Loved this fat-to-fit journey. All this was made possible by my coach. He helped me with the training. The idea that I could not do this as part of training came to me a few times. But … he made me believe in myself. I was told I could do anything. Every day I was encouraged to give my best. Not only did I lose weight but this training changed me in many ways, ”she wrote.
Your hard work has paid off!
Awesome shared post on this occasion is trending on social media. All netizens appreciate her for her hard work to lose weight. ‘Superb Madam … Your hard work has been rewarded,’ he says.