Sons of The Forest is getting a brand new gameplay trailer coming out in 2021

A new gameplay trailer from Sons of The Forest shows off its haunted atmosphere and new, creepy types of cannibals.

Sons of the forest is the sequel to Endnight Games’ The forest That was originally revealed in 2019. The new trailer shares gameplay material for the first time and confirms it will be released in 2021.

Similar to the original game in Sons of the forest You find yourself on a remote island after being lucky enough to survive a plane crash. While at first it looks like the brutality of nature on the island is to be dealt with, you soon discover that there are some other creatures living on the island that don’t look as friendly.

The same as The forestIn Sons of The Forest you have to fight against zombie-like cannibals and build yourself a safe and robust home to survive. However, the island has so many secrets to be discovered. Similar to the original game, in the sequel you can follow different paths around the island and find out the secrets.

As shown in the trailer, while some disgusting cannibals are alive, there are strong signs of human life on the island when the player discovers some modern homes.

Currently there is no idea what platforms a target will be for Sons of the forest, but apparently it will be available on PC as the original game hit Steam earlier than other platforms.

Endnight Games plans to bring Sons of The Forest out next year, which means we’ll see more of the game in the months ahead.

The forest is still one of the brilliant survival horror games that has received mostly positive reviews from gamers on Steam and reviewers in various outlets. You can purchase the game at a 50% discount during Steam’s Winter Sale for a limited time. It will cost you $ 9.99. The game also features a co-op mode that brings even more challenges.