Singer Sunita’s wedding postponed? – Telugu Post


Singer Sunita’s second marriage gossips have been circulating on social media ever since. Singer Sunita’s engagement photos went viral on social media while the news was circulating. Singer Sunita’s second marriage has gone viral. Sunita Ram, who introduced her fianc భర్త Ram to the fans, said that she was going to walk seven steps and posted her engagement photos on social media. Shock because Sunita has two children, and although it may come as a surprise to some that Sunita wants a companion when they grow up. However, it has been rumored that Sunita’s recently engaged wedding will take place later this month.

At the end of this year, that is, on December 27, Sunita and Ram’s wedding is going to be simple. Her fans are waiting for Sunita to look like a new bride in her wedding dress from time to time. But according to the latest news, Sunita’s second marriage seems to have been postponed. Sunita is not getting married in 2020 .. It seems that Sunita is going to get married in 2021. Next year’s wedding means .. Scholars are raising good moments for weddings till the end of May next year. So, are there any chances that Sunita’s second marriage will be after May next year?