Sikhs Prepare 800 Meals In Under 3 Hours To Feed Stranded Truck Drivers In The UK | Sikhs prepare food for 800 people in 3 hours, truck drivers’ stomach full – Omg News

Meal By Sikh

People from the Sikh community are known for helping people in the world. If there is a disaster, they reach the people with an anchor. It was only recently that Sikhs in Kent, Australia, again won hearts. There they fed the truck drivers who were stuck in the road due to the closure of the border.

Didn’t know when to go

Pic Source: LadBible

According to the India Times, several trucks were stopped in Dover. She did not even know when these borders would open, when she would go home. Then some Sikhs from Gravesend Gurdwara came forward to help the people. They cooked food for them so that they would not go hungry.

Cooked 800 people in 3 hours

Sikhs cooked 800 people in just 3 hours. Lorry drivers were standing on the road for a long time, stopping their vehicles. The Sikhs fed him food. It had 500 chickpea curries, 300 mushrooms and pasta dishes. After this the Khalsa-ed people took this food and they distributed this food among the needy people.

People also helped

Jagdev Singh told that at 12 o’clock he talked to the Khalsa-ed people, at 2:30 they came to get food. There were even volunteers who helped in this work. People have praised this noble cause of Sikhs by commenting.

Images Source: twitter/Khalsa_Aid