Shock to yogi govt from supreme court in kafeel khan case as court denied to intervene in allahabad high court order

The Uttar Pradesh government has reached a Supreme Court against Kafeel Khan. The Supreme Court has refused to interfere in the High Court’s decision. The Yogi government reached the Supreme Court seeking strict action against the doctor. A case was registered against the CAA under the National Security Act. The Allahabad High Court ordered Dr. Khan to remove and release the NSA.

Chief Justice of India SS Bobde upheld the Allahabad High Court’s order to free Dr. Kafeel, saying, “The criminal case will be made according to his nature.” You cannot arrest anyone in the name of any other case. The Supreme Court said that the High Court has given good order. There is no reason to interfere with this order.

On September 1, Allahabad High Court terminated the custody of Kafeel Khan under the NSA. The UP government moved the Supreme Court against this, but disappointment was at stake. In January, the Gorakhpur doctor was arrested at Aligarh Muslim University for speeches against the CAA and inciting people. The case was registered under the National Security Act, which was used to create an atmosphere of fear and violation of law and order in the city.

The High Court then quashed the order of detention and said that there was nothing in the doctor’s speech that promoted violence. Initiative, Dr. Kafeel was accused of instigating several religious organizations, in which case he got bail in Farveer.

The Uttar Pradesh government says that in the past, doctors have been committing crimes. For this reason, he was removed from his job by taking disciplinary action. Explain that under the National Security Act, the government can take anyone into custody without charge. Under this, the security of the country is cited.

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