Santa Tracker | Santa Claus Tracker: Find out where Santa Claus is right now with NORAD and Google

Santa tracker

Santa tracker

Santa Claus is coming with your presents. He is immune to COVID-19, the WHO recently announced. But how can you find out where Santa is right now while staying home because of the pandemic?

When you are done finalizing your list of gifts you want from Santa and want to know when Santa is leaving the North Pole, which route he is taking and where he is now, don’t worry! You can follow his world tour with the help of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Google.

Santa tracker

Santa is making his final preparations to begin his epic journey on Christmas Eve. He will travel an estimated 510,000,000 kilometers in just one night bringing gifts to children around the world.

Santa Claus will start his journey with his reindeer from his North Pole village and will make the first stop in Eastern Russia.

Santa Tracker NORAD

You can follow Santa Claus live on the NORAD website (

NORAD is following Santa’s journey in 2020 for the 65th time. It all started in 1995 when a local newspaper ad misprinted the contact number that children could use to call Santa Claus directly.

A child who called the number eventually spoke to U.S. Air Force commander on duty, Colonel Harry Shoup, at the Continental Air Defense Command Operations Center, NORAD’s predecessor. Shoup realized there was a mistake, but assured the child that it was Santa Claus. A duty officer was assigned to continue answering children’s calls. Since then, NORAD has followed Santa’s journey every year.

Google Santa Tracker

You can also use Google’s Santa Tracker ( to find out when Saint Nicolas will be delivering your gifts.

This year, Google’s Santa Tracker shows Santa and his elves with face masks.

Google has been following Santa’s journey since 2004.