san francisco prison cells: Trust me .. these are prison cells .. not a five star hotel! – photos of nordic prison cells go viral, netizens say they look better than our homes

JaiWe’ll see in the movies how s. In the dark .. we see a very scary weather. However, if you look at this prison in San Francisco .. you will surely be amazed. If the criminals see this prison cell .. they will definitely commit some crime and try to go to that jail.

Darrell Owens (doIdoTheThiking) is a Twitter user who posted photos that went viral on social media. The Twitter user mentioned that the first two photos in this tweet were a prison room and the other two photos were a room set up to accommodate 12 inmates. It would cost about $ 3,000 (Rs. 2,20,741) to buy the same room outside.

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Why is it set up like this ?: Should prisons be dark? Many are asking how change in criminals would feel if it were so luxurious. However, they keep criminals in such cells in order to bring behavior to the prisoners. And, what is the logic in this!
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