Republicans recognize Biden’s victory .. Congratulations to Putin

Washington: A series of congratulations began with the Electoral College confirming Biden’s election as the 46th President of the United States. Republicans who have so far refused to recognize Biden’s victory say they have changed their stance and are recognizing Biden’s election. Republican leader Mich McConnell congratulated Biden on Tuesday in the Senate. Russian President Vladimir Putin also sent a message of congratulations to Biden. At the 538-member Electoral College, Biden received the support of 306 electors. This concluded his victory. However, the Electoral College votes will be counted and the official result will be officially announced at a special joint sitting of the two houses of Congress on January 6. Electoral votes will be recounted at this meeting. The new president will be sworn in on January 20. Trump still refuses to accept the results. McConnell has made it clear that he will not support any further attempt to tamper with the election results as the Electoral College voting has cast doubt on who will be the next president. He also congratulated Kamala Harris. He said that if all differences were put aside, it would be a matter of pride for our country to have a woman vice president today. Despite the differences, Russia and the United States are confident that they can work together to resolve many of the world’s problems.