Rave party blown up in Kerala, 60 imprisoned – News from India

At least 60 people, including 20 women, were arrested late Sunday evening after crackdown on a rave party at a resort in the Wagamon mountain area, also Vagamon, in the Idukki district, police said.

Police searched the resort for a lead and confiscated large quantities of psychedelics from the night owls. Some of the detainees are said to be associated with the cinema and television series industries. Some Bengaluru tech freaks are among those arrested. Police said details will only be released after blood tests and other formalities are completed. The resort owner, also a local CPI guide, is fleeing, police said.

Police said they have intelligence reports that such rave parties were held regularly in remote areas, and they manage enough numbers through dark network chats.

The raid was carried out under the supervision of Idukki District Police Chief R Karuppuswamy. Wagamon is a hill station in Peerumade taluk in the Idukki district.