rahul gandhi walk out from meeting discussing army uniform: General Rawat was giving a presentation, Rahul Gandhi asked the question, the atmosphere of the meeting was heated, the boycott, the CDS also got angry

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and other Congress MPs walked out of the Parliamentary Standing Committee meeting on defense matters on Wednesday. Regarding the meeting, Rahul Gandhi alleged that neither he nor other Congress MPs were given an opportunity to speak during the discussion. Explain that the standing committee was discussing new uniforms for the military forces.

Rahul Gandhi said that the committee’s time was wasted. Rahul Gandhi on the standoff case with China in Ladakh said that the entire discussion of the committee was on the uniform of soldiers and not on what facilities we can provide to the soldiers in the event of a confrontation.

Let me tell you that the confrontation took place when BJP Rajya Sabha MP Lt Gen Devendra Paul Vats raised the issue of uniform change. He said that the names and ranks of the three armies should be the same so that there is no confusion. Rahul Gandhi questioned why politicians have to decide the uniform and rank of the army.

Rahul said that the forces will decide this issue themselves. All this happened during the time when CDS General Bipin Rawat was giving a presentation about the uniform, how the uniform in rank and name is known in the armies in other countries.

When Congress leaders asked for an answer, the committee’s president, Jual Oram of BJP, did not allow him to speak. Rahul kept on questioning why General Rawat or other army officers need to know the opinion of the leaders on this. Can the armies not decide the issue themselves?

Later Congress leaders walked out. BJP leaders were surprised and later questioned Rahul’s motives. General Rawat was also unhappy when there was no decision in the meeting regarding the uniform and rank of the army.

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