“Protest against a constitutional law, but …”: The Supreme Court hears a plea for removing protesting farmers from the borders of Delhi – News from India

The Supreme Court said Thursday that the farmers protesting near Delhi cannot block a city. The remarks were made by Chief Justice of India (CJI) SA Bobde when he heard a petition to remove protesting farmers from the border areas of Delhi. The petitioner – a law student – has cited inconveniences in border areas of the state capital and the threat of Covid-19 as reasons for removing protesting farmers.

“A protest is constitutional until it neither destroys property nor endangers life. The center and the peasants have to talk; We are thinking of an impartial and independent committee, before which both parties can present their side of the story in order to solve the impasse of the agricultural laws, ”the news agency ANI quoted the CJI as saying.

“The independent committee can have P Sainath, Bhartiya Kisan Union and others as members. They (farmers) cannot cause violence or block a city like this, ”said CJI Bobde.

He also said the committee would make a determination that should be followed and that the protest could continue in the meantime.

Attorney General KK Venugopal said the farmers are violating Covid-19 guidelines, which could lead to the spread of the infection in their villages. “None of them wear a face mask, they sit together in large numbers. Covid-19 is a problem, they will visit villages and spread it there. Farmers cannot violate the fundamental rights of others, ”said Venugopal.

The hearing will continue in this case.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court issued a notice to the center and others. The bank, made up of CJI Bobde, Judges AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian, also indicated that the court could set up a committee with representatives from the government and farmers’ unions across the country to break the blockade on the legislation.

The center has told the Supreme Court that it will do nothing against the farmers’ interests.