Private laboratory confirms miscarriage of a 22-year-old woman

New Delhi: A private laboratory in Bijnor has confirmed that the 22-year-old woman, who was sent to a home according to a report by a Bajrang Dal unit to the Uttar Pradesh police force, is criminally charged over an alleged “love jihad” case The recently proclaimed Conversion Ordinance in the state had a miscarriage.

Her mother-in-law claimed that the miscarriage was the result of torture inflicted on her at the shelter’s home.

“We discovered that the woman had a miscarriage. There is an infection in her uterus that should be treated to prevent further complications, ”said Dr. PS Sisodia for doing the ultrasound on the woman in a registered private laboratory in Bijnors Dhampur Indian times.

The woman claimed the county hospital gave “injections” that caused her to lose her baby. The hospital denied the allegation and declined to comment.

After the results from the private laboratory were published, hospital authorities claimed the fetus was not alive.

Dr. Nirmala Pathak, acting chief physician at Moradabad District Hospital, said TOI“The reports from sonologist Dr. RP Mishra clearly stated that the fetus was visible but the heartbeat was not there.”

“We had doubts about the baby when the first ultrasound was done. The heartbeat was not found. For the second test we used a Doppler ultrasound, but the heartbeat could not be found either. I asked for a transvaginal scan to confirm as there is sometimes a chance that the baby will survive, ”she added.

The chairman of the UP State Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights had previously stated that the fetus was alive, but could not be reached for comment after the results of the private laboratory were published.

The wife’s husband and brother-in-law were also arrested and held in prison for 13 days until police concluded that there was no evidence to support the allegation of forcible conversion.

Her husband was only released on Friday evening, an officer from the Moradabad prison said TOI on condition of anonymity.

Police later filed a Section 169 report of the CrPC (Release of Defendants If Evidence Is Insufficient) in the District Court. “The court ordered her release on personal loans of 50,000 rupees each,” Moradabad told ASP (rural) Vidya Sagar Mishra on Friday.

“For the past five days I have been told that he will be released. He’s not out yet. I couldn’t talk to him even though I lost my baby, ”said the woman TOI. “We love each other. What good is a legal marriage when things like this happen to people in love?” She added.

The recently announced Uttar Pradesh ban on unlawful conversion of the religious ordinance invalidates marriages if they are conducted solely for the purpose of religious conversion. The state government approved the draft ordinance on November 24th, which provides for a prison sentence of up to 10 years for violations.

It was proclaimed under allegations by BJP leaders that a strict law was required against “love jihad,” a term coined by right-wing activists to discredit interfaith marriages by serving as part of an alleged conspiracy by Muslim men to convert Hindu women in the EU described the figure of love.

The Allahabad Supreme Court asked the state government on Friday to respond to a petition contesting the law.

(With inputs from PTI)