Prime Minister Narendra Modi says the misleading opposition farmers will raise concerns

The Prime Minister says that the opposition farmers are misleading

The Indian government is always committed to the wellbeing of farmers, said PM Modi

Kutch (Gujarat):

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated his support for his government’s controversial agriculture legislation, which has allowed farmers to camp on the borders of Delhi for almost a month.

“The agricultural reforms that have taken place are exactly what farmers’ organizations and even opposition parties have been calling for over the years,” said the prime minister, reiterating the government’s claim that the opposition is now “inciting” and “misleading” farmers.

“The Indian government is always committed to the wellbeing of farmers and we will continue to reassure farmers and address their concerns,” he added, speaking at an event in Gujarats Kutch.


Last week, the BJP claimed that Congress was contradicting its own plans to stimulate farmers and oppose the government.

During the UPA rule, Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party of Sharad Pawar supported key provisions of the farm laws.